Summer Race Series 2012

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Photos by CoolAssMike who was hanging out with his baby Niya in the stands.

Team Trophy Standings - After One Event

1Predator Cycling47 pts
2Engine No.1129 pts
3Chubby Boob Nerd Crew27 pts
4Encino Velo25 pts
5DTLA Messengers21 pts
6Ritte Racing10 pts
7Bicycle.net9 pts
8Velo Club La Grange7 pts
9Helen’s Cycles6 pts
10OTR6 pts
11Gorilla Smash Squad5 pts
12Immortal3 pts
13Rock Racing3 pts
14Bike Religion2 pts
15Ghostriders1 pt
16Madre1 pt
17Pedaler’s West1 pt

After a long night of time trials with Engine No.11 Pursuit Of Glory, the SRS Team Trophy standings are in. These standings reflect points for the top performances, points for participation and some points for volunteering.

With almost a twenty-point lead over second place, Predator Cycling is off to a good start to defend their title from last year. There was a lot of rivalry between Engine No.11 and Chubby Boob Nerd Crew as they were (pretty much literally) head to head in most of the events. A few Encino Velo Cycling Club riders laid down some fast times and earned enough points for fourth place while the DTLA Messengers had a strong showing to get into fifth place.

RESULTS - Engine No.11 Pursuit Of Glory

1Vance MacdonaldLa Grange4:09.80
2Jonathan TesslerBicycle.net4:37.67
3Kelli SamuelsonCBNC4:43.49
4Martha MauricioDTLA4:54.73
-Ethan HalpernLa GrangeDNF
1Amrah HubbardRitte5:35.55
2Brad AdamsEngine No.115:42.90
3Samson HataePredator5:43.10
4Rob MorrisEngine No.115:43.29
5Vinh TranCBNC5:48.83
6Hernan MontenegroPredator5:49.39
7Edgar JetforceEngine No.115:49.70
8Rocky CastroPredator5:56.00
9Ben Andreasson5:59.33
10Sean MartinCBNC6:00.86
11Luis AvinaDTLA6:04.07
12Jon McDonald6:04.10
13Alonso TalCBNC6:07.41
14Kevin Trejos6:09.00
15Ricardo MejiaCBNC6:15.49
16Jason RiveraGhostriders6:48.70
17Juan RamirezDTLA7:09.80
-Nathan SanchezDNF
-Ryan McIntoshPredatorDNF
1James ZalduaPredator52.15
Tony ZalduaPredator
Timothy McGeePredator
2Keith GrineEncino Velo53.10
Alex HorvetEncino Velo
Jordan ZhdanovEncino Velo
3Samson HataePredator56.42
Aram GoganianPredator
Matt ZukPredator
4Mike C.Engine No.1157.09
Brad AdamsEngine No.11
Rob MorrisEngine No.11
5Mike G.Immortal58.35
Langdon TaguipedRock Racing
Kevin Trejos
6Robert PachecoCBNC58.47
Ricardo MejiaCBNC
Alonso TalCBNC
7Andrew HuitinkEngine No.1159.96
Kevin KangEngine No.11
Robert AlvaradoEngine No.11
8Ivan DelgadoGorilla Smash Squad60.04
PeanutGorilla Smash Squad
Henry G.Gorilla Smash Squad
9Aaron RoeslerBike Religion60.50
Henry ShibataEncino Velo
Scott EvansHelen’s
10Chris Khachatryan61.52
Francisco Flores
Oscar Alvarado
1Samson HataePredator
Aram GoganianPredator
Hernan MontenegroPredator
Timothy McGeePredator
Scott EvansHelen’s
Tony ZalduaOTR
3Luis AvinaDTLA
Martha MauricioDTLA
Juan RamirezDTLA
-Mike C.Engine No.11DQ
Angel DubonEngine No.11
Edgar JetforceEngine No.11
Andrew HuitinkEngine No.11
-Alonso TalCBNCDQ
Jose GueroCBNC
Kelli SamuelsonCBNC
Robert PachecoCBNC
1Alex HorvetEncino Velo36.82
2Jordan ZhdanovEncino Velo37.00
3Kelli SamuelsonCBNC45.06
4Martha MauricioDTLA45.10
-Dorian R.DNF
1James ZalduaPredator1:12.06
2Amrah HubbardRitte1:17.06
3Keith GrineEncino Velo1:18.50
4Andrew HuitinkEngine No.111:19.00
5Mike C.Engine No.111:20.05
6Samson HataePredator1:20.07
7Matt ZukPredator1:20.40
8Rocky CastroPredator1:21.02
9Langdon TaguipedRock Racing1:21.04
10Brad AdamsEngine No.111:21.09
11Rob MorrisEngine No.111:21.52
12Ivan Delgado1:22.05
13Robbie Sexton1:22.07
14Hernan MontenegroPredator1:23.00
15Henry G.Gorilla Smash Squad1:23.40
17Vinh TranCBNC1:24.00
18Luis AvinaDTLA1:24.30
19Aaron RoeslerBike Religion1:24.50
20Aram GoganianPredator1:24.67
21Jon McDonald1:25.60
22Brian Arita1:26.40
23Christian Dila1:27.50
24Oscar Alvarado1:28.07
25Alex PortilloPedaler’s West1:31.04
26Kevin KangEngine No.111:32.00
27Chris Kachatryan1:39.00
-Juan RamirezDTLADNF
-Ricardo MejiaCBNCDNS
-Robert PachecoCBNCDNS
-Angel DubonEngine No.11DNS
-PeanutGorilla Smash SquadDNS
-Mike G.ImmortalDNS
-Hector CastroMadreDNS
-Tony ZalduaOTRDNS
-Ryan McIntoshPredatorDNS
-Alex WebbDNS
-Ben AndreassonDNS
-Kevin TrejosDNS
-Nathan SanchezDNS

It was a long night but the Engine No.11 Pursuit Of Glory proved to be fast and fun for everyone. A great turn out for racers as well as spectators made this a perfect kickoff to this year’s Summer Race Series. Big thanks to everyone who came out, all of the volunteers and our sponsors for making this event possible.